• Incredibly Quiet — tangential indoor blower, 2 optimized fan motors, and accoustic noise-cancelling materials provide unmatched comfort.
  • High Efficiency — state-of-the-art technology reduces operating costs.
  • Easy to Configure — dipswitches and simple LED touchpad controls make versatile chassis easy to configure to specific applications.
  • Room Freeze Protection — automatically maintains room above 40F.
  • Front Desk Ready — front desk control by standard 24 VAC signals.
  • Fan Cycle Control — select continuous fan or fan cycling. Electronic Temperature Limiting — flexible heat and cool range limits.
  • Filtered Fresh Air Intake — by concealed manual control. Random Compressor Restart — to prevent power surges following power outages, each chassis restarts randomly after 2:45 to 3:15 minutes.
  • Electronic Defrost Control — more run time in the heat pump mode.

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