• Mitsubishi INVERTER Variable Speed Compressor
  • Ultra Quiet Operation — compressor and indoor fan automatically slow down to match cooling and        heating demand.
    — in part-load conditions, the i42 Inverter is quieter than any other PTAC !
  • High Energy Efficiency — part-load energy consumption is much lower than normal PTACs
  • Constant Humdity Control — the evaporator surface remains ‘active’ under part-load conditions ensuring constant humidity control
  • Precise Temperature Control — modulating chassis reduces output to match demand, and maintain precise temperature control
  • Digital Control Display — Temperature Display on unit
  • Blue Fin Anti-corrosion Treatment for Condenser
  • Auto Restart
  • Room Freeze Protection
  • Dip Switch setting for temperature limiting
  • Fresh Air Ventilation, 70 CFM @ 0.3 ESP with Open Damper Door
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i42 inverter uses advanced inverter control with Mitsubishi inverter compressors to provide the highest efficiency cooling and heating, lowest noise levels, and the best temperature and humidity control under part-load conditions. i42 inverter is engineered to modulate it’s components to eliminate inefficient ‘cycling’ on and off of the compressor, reduce power consumption under part-load demand, and maintain a consistent evaporator condensing surface for humidity control.

Highest Efficiency:

In real-world conditions the modulating inverter chassis means that the inefficient start/stop of the compressor is eliminated.

Incredibly Quiet:

Inverter compressor, condensor fan, and evaporator fan slow to match cooling and heating demand of room, reducing operating sound levels.

Consistent Dehumidification:

Modulating inverter technology ensures a cold condensing evaporator coil in part-load to keep comfortable humidity levels, eliminating clamminess in humid conditions.



*Content Courtesy: manufacturer’s website


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