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PTH153G35 – PTHP

PTH153G35 – PTHP

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner

  • 15,000 BTU/h nominal capacity
  • EER = 9.7
  • Voltage 230/208V
  • Eden® control board for energy savings*
  • Indoor tangential fan for quiet operation and optimal air distribution

Energy Saving Efficiency

The Eden Wireless Energy Management System can work in conjunction with any Amana brand PTAC. Compared to the energy consumption of a standard Amana brand PTAC product without Eden, the Eden Wireless EMS for Amana brand PTACs can reduce energy costs up to 35%. Beyond the benefits of reduced energy consumption, the Eden system can assist in monitoring unit performance and targeting maintenance.

Experience Quiet Comfort

You can be assured that your Amana brand PTAC will provide your guest with quiet comfort and operation. To minimize the operating sounds, we’ve acoustically engineered our system with enhancements that include an indoor tangential fan for quiet and even air distribution, and a two-speed indoor motor for enhanced guest comfort.  Additionally, the two-speed outdoor fan allows for lower overall sound, as compared to units without this feature. Amana brand also offers a Quiet Series PTAC utilizing acoustically engineered materials improving your PTACs sound performance and increasing its STC value to 31.

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  • 15,000 BTU/h nominal capacity
  • EER = 9.7
  • COP = 3.0
  • Equipped with Eden Control Board
  • New, quiet indoor tangential fan
  • Fits standard wall sleeve
  • Pull-out filter for easy cleaning
  • Options for electric heat
  • Available in 230/208V
  • Available as cool-only units

Specifications & Literature

Voltage 230/208
Capacity (BTU/h) 14,700
Amps10 7.0
Watts10 1,515
EER 9.7


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*Content Courtesy: manufacturer’s website

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