Thermostats for Precision Control in PTAC and VTAC Units | Aidco - The PTAC Shop

Precision control for hotels, dorms, LTC facilities, and residential spaces.

Why Upgrade to Advanced Thermostats?

  • 1. Precision Control:

    Achieve optimal comfort with precise temperature control, catering to the unique needs of hotels, motels, dorm rooms, LTC facilities, and residential spaces.

  • 2. Energy Efficiency:

    Save on energy costs with smart thermostats that adapt to occupancy patterns and provide remote control options, ensuring efficient operation.

  • 3. User-Friendly Interface:

    Simplify thermostat operation for both staff and residents with intuitive interfaces, enhancing overall satisfaction.

  • 4. Compatibility:

    Our range of thermostats is compatible with a variety of PTAC and VTAC units, offering versatility for different settings.

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