PTAC Units

AIDCO specializes in high quality PTAC (motel /hotel style) in-suite heating & air conditioners. Our focus is service, but we will sell you only good quality brands of PTAC units available in the market,

PTHP Units

Some  PTAC models are heat pumps (Air-cooled Heat pumps). The heat pump option can be the most economical way to heat the room that you need the PTAC for, depending on what part of Canada you call home. The heat

Wall Thermostats

We are an authorized dealer for most major brands of Wall Thermostats used in PTAC, PTHP, TTW, and VTAC heat/air conditioners today. The selection of thermostats is done per client preference to keep the same and current

Replacement Parts

With our extensive knowldege base, we can also find the most elusive of parts as well as replacement OEM / aftermarket parts for most major brands, including obsolete models. If it’s hard to find parts, call us

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 Our Client Reviews

I want to express my thanks to Aidco of the excellent services provided last week. The work was done in a timely and professional manner. Sam was very helpful, experienced and friendly. Repair is neat and tidy. I would recommend to my friends & neighbors without any reservations. Good job!

Peggy Chai

Thank you so much Sam for your hard work of installing a new PTAC unit for us. The job was done perfectly and professionally. It’s a pleasure to deal with your company.

Chan Tai Kei

It was pretty straight forward, our experience. There was no uphill battles or anything along those lines which felt nice and comfortable. I didn’t fully know what was happening since I live in a condo and this project was done by the landlord but everything went fine and one of the guys was really nice which is why I wrote this review, otherwise I wouldn’t care to write anything because I’m lazy.

Hans & Carter

Just finished a deal with them, can’t complain, that was just so effortless. Now I can enjoy the day haha.

Kelly Damon

I just purchased a Refurbished Islandaire A/C Unit from Sam for residential use. I’m honestly just surprised that the machine works perfectly, you usually come across a few minor issues that the technician may have overlooked but I am pleasantly impressed.

Linda Treas