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GE Zoneline Air Conditioner AZ45 and AZ65 Heat Pump Series

GE Zoneline Air Conditioner AZ45 and AZ65 Heat Pump Series

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I. Introduction

A. Evolution of Comfort

In 1961, the groundbreaking GE Zoneline® PTAC revolutionized comfort on the road, becoming a staple in hotels and motels nationwide. Today, over 50 years later, the GE Zoneline has been reinvented in Louisville, Kentucky, to meet the evolving needs of America's hotel industry. The newest GE Zoneline PTACs are engineered for enhanced reliability, efficiency, quiet operation, and easy installation and maintenance.

II. Key Benefits

  • A. Industry Leadership

    GE Zoneline stands as an industry leader in four crucial categories: reliability, quiet operation, efficiency, and appearance. With over one million units installed across America, GE Zoneline PTACs offer unrivaled reliability, consistent performance, and constant guest comfort.

  • B. Unmatched Service & Support

    Our dedicated technicians ensure that your Zoneline, along with any other GE appliances you have, is serviced promptly, preventing any compromise to guest comfort.

III. Feature Highlights

  • A. Simplified Structure

    • Easy maintenance and service.
    • Premium Guard Corrosion Protection with special coatings for peak performance.
  • B. Easy to Service

    • Integrated structural components for straightforward maintenance and support.
  • C. Durable Design

    • Rustproof base pan standard on all models.
    • Service diagnostics port for quick problem diagnosis.
    • Quick connect for faster installation and servicing.
  • A. Industry's Quietest PTAC

    GE Zoneline is renowned for its quiet operation, ensuring your guests enjoy a peaceful night's rest. Tested against leading competitors, Zonelines block the most outdoor noise with a sound transmission class of 29*, the highest PTAC STC on the market.

  • B. Feature Highlights

    • Baked-on mastic Sound Barrier for superior sound insulation.
    • Weather barrier system seal to keep noise and dirt outside.
    • Two DC fan motors for precise airflow control.
    • Large Cross-flow blower for low, balanced sound.
    • Smart fan cooling/heating for energy-saving options.
  • A. Highly Efficient

    GE Zoneline PTACs are designed for high efficiency, saving properties hundreds of dollars per month in utility expenses. On average, Zoneline is 7% more efficient than the leading competitor, providing significant cost savings without compromising comfort.

  • B. Feature Highlights

    • Reverse cycle defrost for prolonged heat pump operation.
    • Electronic temperature limiting for energy savings.
    • Heat & freeze sentinels to protect the property.
    • Extensive heat source logic for efficient operation.
    • Smart programming for a balance between guest comfort and efficiency.
  • A. Sleek Design

    GE Zoneline boasts a slim room front, sleek appearance, and light color that seamlessly blends with any hotel décor and room design. With an industry-standard 42" x 16" cutout and the industry’s slimmest room front, Zoneline provides more open, usable space in the room itself.

  • B. Feature Highlights

    • Backlit, coverless control panel for an attractive display.
    • Sleek appearance with a 42" x 16" cutout for more usable room space.
    • Light color that blends with modern interior designs.
    • Dimming display for comfortable nighttime visibility.
  • A. Legacy of Energy Efficiency

    GE Zoneline has a legacy of energy efficiency and guest comfort, thanks to innovative features that property managers love.

  • B. Premium Guard Corrosion Protection*

    Special coatings, paintings, and stainless steel for lasting performance in challenging environments.

  • C. Makeup Air*

    An included secondary system provides continuous outdoor air.

  • D. Baked-on Mastic Sound Barrier

    A heavy-duty barrier for superior sound insulation.

  • E. Internal Condensate Removal (ICR)*

    A system of drainpipes and pump minimizes condensate when in heat pump mode.

  • F. Dry Air 25*

    Zoneline Dry Air models remove 20%-35% more moisture from the air than standard models, ideal for high humidity climates.

  • G. System Compatibility

    Compatible with a wide variety of thermostats and energy management systems, including central desk control.

Why Choose Aidco?

  • Expertise and Selection is your trusted source for premium GE Zoneline PTAC solutions. With a deep understanding of the industry, we offer a diverse selection of top-tier products to cater to your unique requirements.

  • Customer-Centric Approach

    Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the sale. Aidco provides exceptional customer service and support, ensuring you receive personalized guidance and support throughout your journey with us.

  • Quality Assurance

    Rest easy with Aidco. Our commitment to quality ensures that the GE Zoneline Air Conditioner AZ45 & AZ65 Heat Pump Series meets the highest standards, providing reliable performance for years to come.

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